August 18, 2012

Little Emperors

We must have been on jet-lag because we forgot about our little emperors.

On about the second day after arriving in Shenyang, we went on a cultural tour around the city. We’d seen most of it before so we looked for things we hadn’t done yet.

It was just before lunch time. The kids needed a snack and a diversion when we arrived at the Imperial Palace. Kanyon was screaming as we waited in the ticket line. We had to kind a diversion fast.

As soon as we entered the palace, we saw the perfect diversion, dress up clothes. Perfect. Kanyon loves to dress up. We have pictures of him as Spiderman, a pink ballerina, a Super hero, and Bob the Builder, but never as a Chinese emperor.

We promised to dress him up, if and only if, he could make it through the whole palace in one piece. He did, so we did too.

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jodi said...

awww haha i'm sure he LOVED it! haha they looks so lost and confused in the clothes. miss them so much, tell them auntie jodi says hi!! :)

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