August 16, 2012

Since August 8th

Since August 8th, _____
  • M’Lynn’s ordered ground beef and had it delivered to our apartment. The delivery man was soaked from the pouring rain.
  • I started going to school every morning. First I left at 7:30 AM, but now it’s 7:00 AM.
  • I saw my textbooks for the first time. I’m so thankful for the very detailed lesson plans that were handed down to me. It’s extremely helpful as I wet my feet again teaching math.
  • I began (and finished) teacher in-service days when I reviewed math and planned non-stop.
  • I began school. First day of class was Wednesday August 15.
  • Kanyon began school.
  • I interviewed (M’Lynn did the talking) and hired a house helper to watch Corbin while M’Lynn goes to language classes.
  • M’Lynn began training said house helper. Lesson one, how to wash dishes with hot water AND soap. Lesson two, how to make tortillas.
  • I started to write an email newsletter. Check your inboxes soon for the next edition.
  • We’ve discovered all the playgrounds around our apartments. The best one is just across the street from our apartment. So much fun for Kanyon and Corbin.
  • We've meet tons of new foreigners. M'Lynn even ate at McDonald's with one and her 2.5 week old baby.
  • We’ve played baseball along the riverside park near our apartment. It’s such a huge backyard.

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