August 20, 2012

Aggie in Chinaland

After only seeing the picture on the left of our bathroom back in May, we were quite concerned. The huge tube big enough for our whole family to bathe at one time (not gonna do that) is awesome, but no shower?! How will we ever get clean without spraying water everywhere?

Then we arrived here and found a shower in a bathroom we didn’t even know about. We were so relieved! Two bathrooms and a shower!

I stepped out of the house for a minute, probably to take the trash down the five flights of stairs, and returned home huffing and puffing. Immediately I noticed M’Lynn as she came out of the bathroom with the most serious look on her face. She was obviously concerned.

Me: “What up babe?”
She: “The shower. How will you ever fit in the shower? There’s no way to get in. I can’t even fit. The toilet blocks the door. What were they thinking? Only skinny people can take a shower?!”
Me: “You push the door.”
She: “Oh. (long pause) Let’s blame that one on jet-lag and not tell anyone I went to Texas A&M for a semester.”


jodi said...

hahahahaha oh m'lynn!! that's AWESOME! 2 bathrooms!?!? no WAY! so coooool.. glad you guys figured it out now rather than later ;)

Unknown said...

Yes ma'am, his and hers.

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