July 7, 2012

Nothing compares to Texas sunsets and BBQ

Living in China, we miss a lot of things. The two near the top of the list, sunsets and barbeque. Sunsets in China just don't compare to Texas sunsets. The former is blocked by endless tall buildings and covered in smog. The later is blocked by nothing except the occasional pump jacks and windmills that dot the west Texas landscape. On one of the first days back in Texas having not adjusted to the time difference we woke up early enough to stand outside for 45 minutes guessing where the sun would rise.


But sunsets get all the glory and I would have missed it if not for Kanyon. I carried him kicking and screaming out of a wedding reception dinner before he knocked over the groom's cake when I saw the most incredible Texas sunset of my life.


And then there’s BBQ. Chinese barbeque is barbeque in definition only. It is cooked outside over coals with a highly seasoned sauce. Not the same. It’s more like “hepatitis-on-a-stick” because it's a kabob prepared and sold as common street food that sits in the sun all day waiting to be purchased and cooked. That doesn't stop me! I chow down all the while giving thanks for my hepatitis vaccine.

Simply put, Texas BBQ is the best. Nothing compares to ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, or sausage. It’s all good. It’s so good that BBQ brisket and ribs are quickly climbing my list of foods I can’t live without.


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