July 3, 2012

Shamu is bu ting hua

As we took the elevator up to our hotel room a guest motioned toward Corbin and asked, “How old is he?”

“He’s two and a half” we answered.

“My son was three the first time we took him to Sea World.”

“My daughter was two her first time.” another guest chimed in.

Our kiddos are 4.5 and 2.5, the perfect age to go to Sea World, at least according to the sample of hotel guests riding up the elevator. Besides, no trip to San Antonio is complete without visiting Sea World. I still haven’t figured out why a Sea World is located in the middle of Texas. San Diego, I can understand, but San Antonio is just a little too far inland.

Let’s see, we watched the dolphins being feed, watch the kids’ favorite dolphin and divers show, returned to feed the dolphins, saw sharks, raced across the park to eat BBQ ribs for the third time in three days, saw Shamu, rode a roller coaster, saw sea lions, rode another roller coaster after a wind delay, played at playground, and saw Shamu again, waited for the shuttle bus back to the hotel.

The final show, Shamu Rocks, began great and then got delayed. The mother whale didn’t want to perform. She preferred to swim around the show tank. As M’Lynn and I sat sections apart, we both told our kid the same thing.

“Shamu is being bu ting hua. She doesn’t want to listen and obey.”

We tell the kids to “ting hua” every time we leave them with the babysitter. It’s so much easier to say than “listen and obey.”

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