January 7, 2012

Harbin Ice & Snow World

This is a warm winter with temperatures hovering above 0 degrees F making the 13th Harbin Ice & Snow world the warmest one ever. The fact that we've had no snow this winter is even stranger. So strange that the Ice Festival organizers had to make tons of artificial snow to give the festival the right "feel." Plus the snow makes walking on the ice less slippery and keep it from melting as it's constructed.

We visited the Ice & Snow World yesterday with the kids. Since M'Lynn and I've been twice without them, we figured we wouldn't miss much if we spent the whole night chasing kids instead of looking at the ice. But who can miss the ice buildings when they're so huge.

Kanyon loved the place! Immediately he set off to find the "fun stuff." Off we marched through the artificial snow in search of a small ice slide. It was fun! Kanyon went twice before Corbin got anxious for his turn. He also slid twice.

Then around we trooped. Up ice stairs for a view from above. Then inside a refreshment shop to warm up, but only for a little because everything was three times as expensive as normal. Then back outside. We stayed outside in single digit temperatures for about two hours before our toes were frozen and it was time to head back to the bus.

Before viewing the pictures online first go outside wearing shorts and a t-shirt and get comfortable in a lawn chair so you can experience all the sights and colors of the Ice Festival as if you were there yourself. Ready. Good. Here are the photos.

Then come back inside, find something hot to drink, and warm up your toes as you enjoy this video of the Ice Festival being assembled.

Video produced by The Telegraph and borrowed here from Outside In

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