January 6, 2012

Texas made easier

We love Tex-Mex food but have a difficult time recreating many of the dishes here in China. But now it's easier than ever!

Introducing our newest kitchen gadget, the tortilla press.

In the past, we had to play Rosa and roll all the tortillas by hand, but now we simply press and viola! In no time, we cranked out 20 tortillas to feed our team. We added BBQ pork (made in the crock pot) along with Homesick Texan BBQ sauce. With a side of cole slaw, this meal was amazing and easier than ever!

How do we make "hometown special food" in China? Well, it's a little complicated and requires some improvising but thanks to our "made-from-scratch all-star" teammates we knew it was possible. Here's what we did:

Pork - this is by far the easiest to find. It's everywhere in China.

Tortillas - easy to make from scratch: flour, water, baking powder, and now with the press, easily done.

Cole Slaw - all the ingredients are available and pre-chopped. M'Lynn just asked the nice ladies selling Chinese wraps if she could purchase the chopped carrots, cole slaw, and onions separately. They agreed and we had all we needed.

BBQ sauce - much more complicated but doable in China. We substituted brown sugar for molasses and it tastes the same.

If you've never had a BBQ burrito, you're missing out. Next time you're in Odessa (or Harbin), stop and eat one.

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