January 10, 2012

To the book club

While we live on a university campus, part of our work is to connect with the nationals in the city beyond our university campus. So we engage locals in throughout Harbin.

Recently Kanyon and M’Lynn have been involved in Bell English Book Club. Each weekend they travel across town to a small apartment for an hour of English books and interaction with other kids. The event concludes with an activity and Kanyon often checks out a book to take home.

This week, M’Lynn led a “Snowy Day” activity for the kids. She prepared 20 cookies (more than enough), found marshmallows (a difficult task in China), and brought snow flake designs. Lesson plan in hand, she and Kanyon went “to the book club.”

The children loved it. They read “Snowy Day” and another snowman poem before doing the snowy activity. Together the kids decorated melted snowman sugar cookies, snow flake cutouts, and a paper chain. Everything nicely fit into the hour.

Activities like this are a great way to reach out into the greater community and build relationships. We’re excited to see what is in store for the book club!

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