December 7, 2011

On being a single parent

This week, M'Lynn is home in America for her grandfather's funeral and I'm home in Harbin caring for the kids and teaching class as usual. Plans can't keep up with changes.

I'd always heard that it's not easy being a single parent and now I'm finding out first hand what makes it so hard.

For me, the most difficult part about being a single parent is grocery shopping. The kids aren't old enough to stay home alone and they're too young to go outside. (By too young, I mean it such a struggle and requires a lot effort to bundle them and wrangle them as we march to the local market and shop.)

So what am I to do? The Father placed us on an amazing team. I'm so thankful for teammates who've volunteered to get groceries for me. They've bought endless boxes of orange juice as well as veggies for me to cook. Without their help, we'd have been sunk, and starving.

Don't worry, M'Lynn, we're not starving, we're eating good. Last night's dinner, prime rib.

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