December 8, 2011

Everyday's a special day

"Is today a special day?" Kanyon asked as he walked into the dining room for breakfast.

"Yes, it is." I responded.

"I like special days. We get to play Wii and stuff like that."

Every day is a special day with M'Lynn out of the country, babysitters coming and going, and classes continuing as usual not knowing it's a special day.

The kids have been great helpers though. Eating all their food, laying still for diaper changes, going to bed and nap time, and sitting in the big boy chair. But they usually are great when only one parent is around (and when they get to eat Christmas cookies frosted with leftover dino cake frosting and watch Super Why!).

It will certainly be a crash course when mommy gets back on Sunday. But then again, that will be a special day too.

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