December 3, 2011

Dinosaur Birthday

Happy birthday to Corbin. The big 2!

With M'Lynn back in the states for a week, I threw Corbin's birthday party, dinosaur cake and all. She'd planned it for months and now I had a template, the two cakes she baked before she left, and a picture from the internet.

And after a little effort, this was the finished result. Corbin loved the cake and kept asking for more (but that's the case with any cake).

The big kids watched Dinosaur Train on the TV and eagerly waited for Corbin to open all the gifts. I think Kanyon was more determined to find out what the present were than Corbin. Corbin was content to open the first present and play with the first toy all night.

And what's a party without lots of crying? After all the presents were opened everyone wrestled for the best toy. Mine, mine, mine, no mine, mine, mine! Cry, cry, cry, cry!

Corbin defended his new toys by ringing a little red bell (also a present). Ring, ring, ring and the big kids would cover their ears crying and back away from the toys. He's learning so fast.

Happy birthday Corbin!

More photos from the dinosaur birthday party.


suehall said...

I am so impressed with your cake-making skills! Looks great. Happy Birthday to your little guy.

Krystal Halfmann said...

Very impressive!

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