September 2, 2011

Notice the Change

We're back in China. While our apartment stayed the same over the summer, some things around our neighborhood have changed.

- We have new neighbors. We're looking forward to playing together with the new family's daughter and getting to know all our neighbors better this semester.

- We called our favorite restaurant to deliver some food only to find out that the owners decided to close the restaurant and divide the space between different vendors. The next day we saw the location and bought fruit from our favorite fruit stand who had moved into the former restaurant.

- As we walk around campus, there are many new security cameras. The poles for the cameras were installed last spring, but what would be on top of them was undetermined. Now we know, more cameras.

- Before we left there was they were constructing a large concrete slab. What would it be? A new exercise place with a fence surrounding it. inside there's a massive rock climbing wall and other obstacle course equipment. On the adjacent slab, the new driving school closed course is being constructed. Now a new question, when will we be able to climb that wall?

- Many new expressways in town have been completed. We took one of the newest ones driving home from the airport. Total construction time, less than one year.

- It's so loud. Kanyon woke up the first morning at 5:30 AM asking if it was time to wake up yet. "I heard the taxi outside. Is it morning time yet?"

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