August 26, 2011

To infinity and beyond

We are gearing up to cross the ocean and return to China for another year of teaching. The summer has been filled with great moments, here are a few of them:

- M'Lynn's sister's wedding near Austin. An awesome weekend with friend and family in the Hill Country. What a beautiful ceremony!

- Jynsen. Our new niece we were able to hold the day she was born. We are so blessed to have been home to be there to see and hold her.

- Camping out behind the church in 100 degree weather. At the same event, Kanyon saw someone dressed as Jesus during a skit, "How id Jesus get to America?"

- All the time with friends and family driving around the state of Texas, from Austin to San Antonio to San Angelo to Midland to Amarillo to Lubbock and back.

- Swimming in kiddie pools and playing in the water sprinklers at with the grandparents houses.

- Seeing the kids dressed up in so many different outfits. Buzz Lightyear, Batman, bug eyes, and princesses.

- Making hand prints in cement, plaster, with paint. We made so many hand or foot prints this summer. We left our mark!

- Speaking about the team in China, sharing about the culture, lessons learned, and opportunities we had this past year.

We're excited to see what happens this year and beyond.

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