September 6, 2011

First Week in 5 Photos

We arrived back in Harbin after 24 hours of travel exhausted, but glad to be home. Getting adjusted took a little more time this year as the kids kept waking up at 4 AM wide awake and ready to play.

We decided to combat jetlag by having a "nap-free day." We planned to keep the kids up through nap time in hopes that they would sleep through the night. We needed a plan. Saturday, we all went out as a team for a morning walk, coffee and brunch, and then lunch together. After lunch, and in place of naps, we boarded a ferry and crossed the Songhua River.

We'd never been across the river in our 3 years in Harbin and it was time to explore Sun Island. It's a huge relaxing park. We walked around, hiked in the grass, saw some deer, and found a huge playground in the middle of the park. You know what, it worked. The kids slept great that night, and every night since.

Kanyon started preschool again this week at a school much closer to our apartment. He's only been once, but the plan is for him to attend twice a week. On the other days, he'll have "mommy school" and a "daddy date."

The final thing we accomplished the first week back was to unpack our bags, all 6 of them. While we were putting everything away, we organized the kids' toys. Now they can see all their toys, and pick them up putting them in the right container. The room is a huge improvement over the large-blue-plastic-crate-toy-box-junk-pile that used to be in their room.

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