June 17, 2011

What's in the bag?

M'Lynn and Jodi were the first to leave the English building after our team's coffee house event last night. As they left, M'Lynn saw our friend Norton, Cherry's husband.

M'Lynn: Hi, Norton. How are you?
Norton: Fine, thanks.
Jodi: What's in the bag?

This last question must be asked carefully. You see, Norton had just gone to the store and bought 6 ice cream bars to take home. Norton immediately responded by opening the bag and offering ice cream to M'Lynn and Jodi. Little did Norton realize that the other members of our team were following just a little behind.

When the other team members finally arrived to chat with Norton, he felt obliged to offer his ice cream to everyone else also. 6 ice cream bars and 8 people, who doesn't eat?

Jodi refused to eat one feeling a little embarrassed for starting the whole mess and Norton didn't get to eat any either as he shared all that he had.

What a perfect storm, walking home with ice cream for your wife when you meet a group of your foreign friends! What would you do?
A - Say the ice cream is for your spouse, make small talk, then continue home
B - Say you bought ice cream and then eat one yourself as you make small talk
C - Give all your ice cream to your friends as Norton did
D - Other (please specify)

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jodi said...

hahaha.. i can't believe i asked that question, i definitely wasn't thinking and bit my tongue right after i said it lol. i don't think i'm chinese enough to give all my ice cream away.. maybe ;) haha

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