June 13, 2011

First Bike Ride

The snow has finally melted and we're able to go outside to play. To celebrate, we took a hand-me-down kid's bike to the repairman to get it fitted for Kanyon. All the bike needed were some training wheels and a little air in the tires.

"Come back in three days."

Those were the longest three days for Kanyon. I'm glad he forgot about the bike about on the second day so he was excited again on the third day when we returned to the repairman with the bike.

Kanyon watched eagerly as he installed the training wheels and pumped the tires. Then off to bike heaven. Kanyon rode and rode (3 miles as he would say) around the large square (aptly named Bike Heaven) in front of the "teach class building."

Our little guy is growing up. Before long he'll be using the bike to fetch eggs and vegetables for dinner.

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