June 21, 2011

Red Bean Smoothie

So you want something to drink in Harbin. You can choose between KOCO or Bomelli. KOCO is a smoothie place serving all kinds of iced drinks. Our personal favorite is a banana milk shake (Kanyon asks for one every time we go outside). Bomelli is a coffee shop on Center Street.

Story #1 - KOCO
We walked around a neighborhood close to our apartment when we came upon a KOCO. It's hot and we're thirsty, so we decided to get a drink. We tried to order our favorite banana milk shake, but they don't have any bananas so we asked what the previous customer ordered. It was some kind of chocolate milk shake. That's sounds good, do you have anything else? Yes, the waitress replied they also had something that sounded like a mocha. Even better. We ordered two "mochas."

What we thought was a mocha was not a mocha. It wasn't even close. It was blended, but it was green. And it was topped with sweet red beans. I don't think this is a mocha. Since we ordered by mistake (and it was what we actually ordered) we took the drinks, scrapped off the beans, and drank the blended green tea flavored ice.

Story #2 - Bomelli
We went to Bomelli on our date one week in June (that's important later). Not knowing how to pronounce what we wanted in Chinese, we pointed to the hot coffee section of the menu that listed Cafe Americano and ordered two. After a short wait, the waitress approached with two Cafe Americanos, but they were iced, not hot as we pointed to. We politely asked for the drinks to be returned and given to us as hot coffee. She insisted the drinks were hao chi (good) and that we should take them. When we insisted we ordered hot drinks, she returns with another waitress who also says the drinks are good. After some bargaining, it became obvious we weren't going to be drinking our hot coffee we we so looking forward to. I guess the calendar dictates the coffee drink. Silly me, of course! It's June and who in their right mind would order a hot coffee drink in June? I guess we were the first.

What would you do if you received the wrong drink order?
A - Accept the wrong order as your own and enjoy
B - Insist on returning the wrong order to receive the correct order
C - Ask for your money back
D - Leave without your drinks
E - Order (and pay for) your drink again

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