June 22, 2011

What do you do with 60 eggs?

We received this large red box as a gift for Dragon Boat Festival. It was full of eggs. 50 eggs. Add 50 to the 10 we already had in our refrigerator, and we had 60 eggs to eat!

Today, the last egg disappeared. They're all gone. No more eggs, and I don't plan to buy any more until we return in the fall. I'm sure you're wondering how we used all 60 eggs (especially since one of us is allergic to eggs and can't eat them).

12 eggs hard boiled
12 eggs given to Zhou Jie
10 eggs for French Toast1
6 eggs given to our teammate2
6 eggs for Crepes served to teammates
5 eggs in Lemon Pound Cake
4 eggs in peanut butter brownies
3 eggs in Banana Bread
2 eggs for a cheese omelet

60 eggs
110 eggs were used for French Toast: 3 eggs were used to make French Toast for our family and the remaining 7 eggs were used by a teammate to feed everyone a French Toast breakfast

2Ironically, our teammate also received 50 eggs but needed more eggs.

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