April 10, 2011

Last minute wedding invitation

Friend: "Will you come to my wedding?"
M'Lynn: "Sure. When and where?"
Friend: "Today at 6:30 PM."
M'Lynn: "OK, we'll see you there."

We never predicted we'd be attending a wedding when we woke up today wondering what to do. You can't make this up! (But it's happened before. M'Lynn was a last minute bridesmaid, dress and all.)

We got dressed taking full advantage of the casual dress code. That's the thing about Chinese weddings. You can wear pretty much whatever you'd like. At a wedding last year, some guests wore shorts. This time a female guest at our table wore a hoodie and jeans. So I was feeling quite dressed up wearing an untucked collared shirt.

We panicked as we approached the venue. "What if there are two weddings here tonight? We don't know her Chinese name. What if we attend the wrong wedding?" No need to worry, there was only one wedding.

The father of the bride greeted us at the door and stuffed Kanyon's pockets with candy. Our friend helped us register as we handed over our red envelope containing the suggested amount of cash due for attending a Chinese wedding. Then she ushered us to our table. The wedding continued, much more like a banquet then an American wedding. There were a few speeches (or toasts) and then we all ate the meal. The bride and groom went to toast at each table, and then suddenly the banquet was over and everyone got up to leave.

Kanyon was awesome. He took pictures with all the guests including the bride, bride's family, and anyone else who asked.

An hour and a half after we arrived, we walked home.

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