April 23, 2011

My Sports Car turned into a Minivan

That's right, my sports car (bike) turned into a minivan the other day right before my eyes.

The story. I took my sporty mountain bike to the bike guy and had it converted into a minivan. The first time I went, he didn't have the right pieces for the conversion. So I waited a couple of days and went back with a Chinese speaker. Bike guy made one quick trip to his house to get another piece and then told us to come back in 2 hours to pick it up. Voila! A minivan! For only 32 RMB (2 dollars)!

Kanyon now has his very own seat on the back with a seat belt. We cruise around campus careful to drive on the roads not the sidewalks where so many others ride/drive. It's great to have a quick ride around campus listening to Kanyon's commentary.

"What's that smell? Something smells funny."
"What's that building? Is it a teach class building?"
"When I'm big I'll get a bike with a big seat for mommy."

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jodi said...

hahaha love the last kanyon quote! that will be the day when he rides m'lynn around everywhere on his bike.. hehehe

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