October 11, 2010

Two Hours in America

That's how we described our last guys' time outing. We escaped the city life and found a little America tucked under the Dragon Tower.

We played a little golf together, actually the driving range, but golf nonetheless. As we were striking golf balls into the fenced in driving range, we actually felt like we were in America. We even commented to each other, "Hey, this is what a group of guys in America would be doing too."

The golf course was green and not paved. So many of the parks here are paved with sidewalks, bridges, and courtyards they cease to feel like a park. But the golf course was different. It had trees, green grass, and no paved paths. Awesome.

A bucket of golf balls is comparably priced to a bucket in America except that you received exactly 50 golf balls because someone counts them out as they fill the bucket. With a bucket purchase, you also receive a rental club, a 7-iron. For an additional cost, you can choose any one club (I chose a driver). Then practice at your leisure driving the golf ball into the net, to the right or left if you sliced or hooked the ball, or into the far net at 200 meters if you hit the ball straight.

It was an awesome escape. For two hours we were Americans.

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