October 24, 2010

Life Education

What began last semester as a weekly lecture has now continued into this semester as a weekly team event. Each Saturday, our team comes together to teach a Life Education lecture series. We just finished week 2 and the student interest has increased from 35 students to 45 students in class this week!

Each week one of our teammates teaches the lesson. M'Lynn and I have taught the first two weeks. Other teammates have attended and participated in small group discussions with students and will teach future lectures.

Just getting to the event has proved difficult and stressful. Each time we've taught the course, we've experienced out of the ordinary stress. The first week, both kids were awake most of the night yelling and screaming at each other so we taught with little sleep. And now this week, Corbin awoke in the middle of the night with a horribly dry cough and congestion. After breathing some steam and getting a humidifier, he returned to bed. 15 minutes before we were set to leave to teach, Kanyon had the worst-to-date poop explosion.

The enemy does not want this course to happen because as a team, we've had numerous conversations pointed toward the truth with students we wouldn't have met outside of the Life Education lectures. Just yesterday after we finished the talk on stress management, a student asks, "What books do you read to improve yourself or to relax?" "We read the Bible." we responded. The student then mentions that she also has the Bible and would like to know more about it. What an amazing opportunity!

Please remember our team as we teach these lectures. Opportunities abound and we must be diligent to follow-up with each of the students. Ask the Father to protect the lecture time and preparations, protect the relationships, deepen the friendships, and provide specific follow-up with each interested student.

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