May 28, 2010

Inside Look Walmart in China

Walmarts in our American hometowns: 0
Walmarts in Harbin, China: 3

Distance to Walmart in America: 30-45 minutes driving by car
Distance to Walmart in Harbin: 30 minutes walking

Walmart is great for all the same reasons as it is in the states. We can get everything we need in one place. But the Walmart in China is a little different than the ones in the states.

First, the volume of people. There's just that many more people in China to fill the aisles with carts and baskets. Sometimes the checkout lines are outrageous but mostly their occupied with people buying their few items they'll carry home in plastic bags by foot or on the bus. Much different than the oversized American shopping carts and SUVs.

Second, the products are different. No cereal aisle here only an aisle devoted to chopsticks.

Check out some photos of the odd items available at Walmart in China1

Sampling of items available here: crocodiles, bulk rice, mixed meat, orange juice with cooking oil, turtles, mystery meat, Walmart brand spirits, assorted dried reptiles, boxes of liquor, frogs, chopsticks, pig faces, and ducks.
1Buzz Feed 16 Items They Only Sell At Chinese Walmarts

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