May 26, 2010

Brick Patio in our Backyard

A picnic with Chinese food is a bit more difficult than we realized. We found out trying to have a picnic in our backyard.

Just outside our building (along the sewer river whose smell was very brown this morning), we have a nice brick patio. While there's no grill (yet) we spend most evenings outside around the dead pine tree. I've encourage Kanyon to water the tree with his water gun, but so far the tree's still brown.

Today, Kanyon and I bought two folding camp chairs and one kid's stool for the patio. When we arrived home, M'Lynn had the take out ready and we set up the picnic. It's a little difficult eating Chinese food with chopsticks and trying to feed the kids at the same time. Next time we know to just bring 羊肉串 yang rou chuan (chinese mutton kabob, much smaller than the super sized American cousin).

Other foreigners like the idea so soon we were joined by our teammates, friends, and one student. The fun times continued with badminton, ice cream, and balls. Only twice was the fun interrupted with Kanyon outbursts.

Next time we're out, we have bets going on the number of people who walk by our patio in an hour. Will it be more than our Texas hometowns?

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