May 29, 2010

My Dream Pigeon Bike

I want a pigeon bike. Recently I've noticed every old pigeon bike I see as a walk to class or go out shopping. I'd love to have a brand new 18-speed bike but am hesitant because bike thieves are so common. So instead, a used pigeon bike will work great to speed up errand running. Pigeon bikes are sturdy and large enough to support my 2 meter frame.

Will I get one before the summer break? No telling. But if I head to Beijing I'd be helping out this new policy

Beijing looks to revitalise bicycle culture1 (May 27, 2010, AFP)
Once commonplace images of thousands of cyclists ringing their bells at Beijing intersections have been replaced by mammoth traffic jams and blaring horns, as the city's increasingly affluent middle classes embrace the auto. As China launched its pivotal economic reforms in the 1980s the number of Beijingers using bikes dropped from eight out of every 10 to less than two out of 10 today. Now with road congestion and air pollution ever worsening, local officials are trying to revitalise Beijing's once-thriving bicycle culture by offering a share-hire scheme, similar to those seen in Europe. "This bike-hire system is aimed at resolving the problem of getting around the city for people needing to travel short distances," says Guo Yun, vice head of the citizens' service centre in Chaoyang district.

1 ZGBriefs for May 27, 2010

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