August 31, 2008

Travel Leg One

We made it safely to CA. It was a rather relaxed trip across the country on the Southwest flight. I always compare flying Southwest to someone skipping a rock across a lake. SW is always a series of short hops up and down until you finally reach your destination. It was no different fro us as we skipped from Lubbock to El Paso to Phoenix to Ontario, CA. None of the flights were any longer that about 50 minutes.

Kanyon did great on the flights. The first one was a little difficult as we were still trying to figure out how to get his ears to pop on the way down and he did not want to take any water from his sippy cup. For the next skips, we changed the strategy some. We put the water in the bottle and put food in his mouth. Kind of a way to trick the baby into swallowing and popping his ears. He was much happier for the next skips up and down.

We had packed toys for his to use on the flights, but never had to use any of them. For the first leg, he was simply entertained by the airplane seat. The second skip, he found time for a nap. And finally on the last leg of of the flights, he was entertained by one Cheerio. He picked it up, dropped it, repeat. Finally he decided it would be worthy of eating. Then on the bus ride into La Quinta, he played with his bottle lid. So much for all the toys. But we will still bring a bagful of toys for the long international flight.

After the long day of traveling and meeting, the little one was so exhausted:

He awoke the next morning ready to go:

We have more stories from training later. We are enjoying the time here meeting so many different people and learning so much more about the culture and work we love so much.


Anonymous said...

That is hillarious that Kanyon was entertained by the seat, a cheerio, and a lid... lol and u had all of those toys! I hope he will be that easy on the long ride, but if not at least you're prepared. love u and thanks for calling me today, K'Lann

Unknown said...

i guess you just never know what will grab the kid's attention.

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