September 8, 2008

Abundant Sunshine; Currently 110

We have been at training for a week and have found the reason the training is held in the desert of CA. With the outside temperatures so extreme, who in their right mind would want to be outside. And since all the training takes place indoors, they reckon that the attendance at the session will be really high. Check out the temperature today for this place:

We are excited that a cool front is coming to town this week to cool things down to the lower to mid 100s.

This makes it a little more difficult on the evenings that the meals aren't provided and we must scavenge for food. We slowly venture outside to be met by what fells like you are walking into a microwave oven. By the time we walked the less than 100 yards to the restaurant we are sweating up a storm. So much so, that we have ventured outside only once or twice in the last three days. Maybe when the sun goes down, we can make our way to the pool for a swim.

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