May 6, 2008

Would you like to buy some lemonade?

Saturday, we took a walk through our neighborhood and pushed Kanyon for the first time in his stroller as a "big boy" without his car seat. We made it about half a mile to a park near our home. When we arrived at the park, we immediately noticed a lemonade stand on the opposite corner of the park. Not wanting to spend any money, we decided to walk the other way around the park to avoid the kids and their stand.

Fuel Costs even affect Lemonade Prices

About half way to success and avoiding the lemonade sellers, one of the sales-kids ran all the way across the park holding his sign. Huffing and puffing he asks if we would like to buy some lemonade. We politely respond that since he worked so hard selling the lemonade that we would stop by the stand on our way by.

Luckily, M'Lynn had the dollar in her pocket. I don't think their little stand would take credit or debit. We may have had to make a trip to the ATM and returned with cash. Still I wonder if they had the change to break a $20. All this because we rarely carry any cash anywhere now.

They offered Lemonade and KoolAid for 50 cents a cup, and Sploosh for $1 per cup. And they had just run out of some fancy strawberry smoothie type drink for $1. We purchased our two cups of Lemonade and were on our way. Walking away we noticed the cups were only half full. Maybe for $1 we could have gotten a full cup. M'Lynn even spilled some of her drink and we joked that she had just lost $0.10 from her cup.

We were a bit shocked to see the price of Lemonade is also effected by the rising fuel costs. But $0.50 is nothing compared to other neighborhoods in Midland. One of our friends said that a cup of Lemonade costs her $1.50. At least we live in the "cheap" part of town.

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