May 7, 2008

Waffle Iron Burgers

What an eventful weekend. First Saturday trying to out run the Lemonade saleskids, and then came Sunday. We volunteered to host a moving away party from some of our friends. We organized the location and invited all those in our LifeGroup. We assigned who would bring what and since we were the lost, we decided to bring the meat.

On Friday, we called everyone and tried to get a head count as to how many burgers we needed to bring. As it turns out, when you offer food as an enticement, everyone comes. While our group averages about 12-14 people each week, this cookout drew around 40 RSVPs including the kids. 40 burgers! I guess we can handle that.

Since cooking on a charcoal grill can be adventuresome at best, we cooked all the burgers in our apartment. We had burgers scattered through out little apartment kitchen. Out comes the pancake griddle, great for cooking burgers. Let's see, that will hold 4 patties, we need to find a way to cook more at a time. Out comes the waffle maker! Flip over the waffle irons and its a smooth electric griddle. Great now we have room for 8 more patties. That's 12 at a time. I think that will do.

All 40 burgers go done in time, and the par-picnic (party/picnic) was great. We only returned home with 12 extra patties. We now will have hamburgers everyday for lunch this week and that sure beats having a sandwich or salad. Unless we decide to so something like this:

Triple Bypass Burger & Quadruple Bypass Burger

Next time I'm in the Phoenix area, I'll have to stop by the Heart Attack Grill and pick up one of these bad boys.


Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

Hilarious! Sounds like quite an adventure!!! :) You guys are so resourceful. I'm not sure I would have thought to use the Waffle Iron!

Unknown said...

When you live it an apartment, you make do with what you have. At least the Waffle was flat, it would have been even cooler to have cute little squares on the burgers to hold all your ketchup and mustard.

Becca said...

yum! I definitely wouldn't have thought of the waffle iron. Clever!

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