April 29, 2008

King of Western Swing

Welcome to Turkey, Texas. Home of Bob Wills, "King of Western Swing"

It was the tradition to attend the event each April while I was still living in Quitaque, and even a few times while I was at college. But it had been some time since the last time at Bob Wills' Day. This year being a very special year (my dad's 60th birthday) we decided to get the whole family together to celebrate the birthday, and go back to Bob Wills' Day.

Watching the Parade

The scene has changed over the years from partying and camping to crafts and RV-ing, but the small town atmosphere remains the same. It was great to be back at the parade where anything goes. There is never a theme, just bring out anything you think others might want to see. Let's see...we had some horses, 4-wheelers, Shriner go carts, Harley Davidson's performing as go-carts, some local HS cheerleaders, JH cheerleaders, Girl Scouts, a firetruck, ambulance, RVs, lawn mowers, old timer tractors, Texas playboys (Bob Wills former band members), some miniature horses, donkeys, and one last police car. And let's not forget all the candy and the Bob Wills' Day Queen!

We didn't come home with much else then candy, but did find some grand homemade ice cream, hot dogs, and a signature Bob Wills T-shirt to show off and wear around China. Mother actually bought a cool 1927 schoolhouse window (complete with certificate of authenticity) but where it goes or what to do with it no one knows. It is pretty cool to look at.

Old Phillips 66 Gas Station

If you are ever in town, or even in the neighborhood, drive on to Turkey, Texas on the last Saturday in April and see for yourself what Bob Wills' Day is all about.

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