March 15, 2008

Baby Passport

While preparing to return to China, we have tons of paperwork and forms we have to mail around and gather together. One of the documents we of course need is a passport for each of us. Since we now have baby Kanyon going with us to China, he too needs a passport.

Baby Passport Photo (aka Baby Mug Shot)

It was funny taking him into get his photo taken for a passport. The employees just looked at me as to say, "Are you serious that a baby needs a passport photo?"

Then we have to figure the best way to pose him. It's not like he can walk over to the screen to stand and smile for the camera. We are lucky if we can even get him to look straight, or even look at all (most times when you want his eyes open, they are closed). After several unsuccessful attempts, we finally got a good picture. (That's if you can even call this photo good!)

Any time that we need a good laugh to pick us up, we bring out this photo and it cheers us up every time. It reminds us of a baby mug shot, or a baby convict. We hope it brings the same smile to your face as it does to ours.

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Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

This is hilarious!!! I love it!!! What a cool keepsake that will be for Kanyon later on-- his very first passport. I still have my expired one-- but I didn't get my first one until I was 18. Kanyon is living quite a life!

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