March 9, 2008

12:2 Times March 2008

Austin, Texas

As you can see from the photo below, we made our annual trip to Austin to watch the Texas High School Girls state championships. While we had a great time watching all sorts of basketball, Kanyon enjoyed being held constantly everyday and sleeping more than the games.

Shock at Seeing Too Much Brunt Orange

We arrived in Austin in time to see the second day of semifinal games on Friday. Four games on Day 1 before we retired at the home of our friends. They were generous to allow us to come home late each night and borrow a bed and bath before we headed out early Saturday morning.

On Saturday, we watched all 6 state championship games. This is the first time we have watched all the games on one day. We were not tired of watching games, only tired of sitting down and going every day. We were able to meet up with some friends and family in Austin in time to watch the last couple of games.

Sunday brought much needed rest and relaxation. We were finally able to catch up with our hosts, Ryan and Becca Edwards. Before leaving town, we had a great lunch with them and my sister, who is also in Austin.

Grandmother Memories

On February 25, 2008, my grandmother passed away. She was 80 year old and was a lifelong resident of Quitaque. I still remember going over to her house and eating Schwan’s ice cream with malt and chocolate syrup as a kid and eating the homemade chocolate chip cookies she kept in the freezer.

While it is never fun to get together at a funeral, it was good to be able to see so many of my Dad’s family together. We were able to visit with several people we had not seen for a while and had a good time visiting together.

10:30 PM

We traveled a lot and like to plan the times we leave and arrive. However, the more we travel with Kanyon, the more we learn about the unpredictable nature of children.
Each time we would leave, we planned to arrive early in the evening so we would not have to drive much in the dark. However, we always arrived at the same time 10:30 PM.
From Midland to Quitaque = 10:30 PM; From Quitaque to San Angelo = 10:30 PM; From Austin to Midland = 10:30 PM. I guess we now know what time to tell people we will arrive, 10:30 PM.

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