February 16, 2008

12:2 Times February 2008

Super Bowl XLII

Celebration of the perfect season that was not. For our last Super Bowl in the states, we attended a small event with our LifeGroup from our fellowship. The party was a great time to be with friends we have grown close to over the time we have been in Midland. Kanyon even put on his football jersey outfit for the occasion.

It is a little strange to think that this is going to be the last football we are going to be able to watch on TV for a while. We both love football. We love the games, the stands filled with parents, the student sections, and the Saturdays and Sundays filled with games upon games. We will be able to watch the Super Bowl while in China, but it will begin at 5:00 AM. Hopefully we will be able to get the game taped to watch it at a later time.

It was really different watching the game from another country. The game‘s broadcasters explain every little rule for the foreign audience. Plus the commercials just aren’t the same (even though I thought this year’s ads weren’t all that). Nothing like watching the Super Bowl and seeing ads for the next soccer match up.

We hope you each had a great football season. As Peyton Manning says on one of his Priceless Pep Talks commercials, “Bummed about football season being over? Me too.”

Two Full Time Jobs
M’Lynn returned to work on Jan. 28 meaning Kanyon had to experience for the first time daycare. He is enrolled at a local fellowship only two blocks from Jeremy’s office. And since M’Lynn works outside of Midland near the airport, Jeremy gets the daily daycare duty.

The first week of the new routine went on pretty well. We are still adjusting to the newness of not being able to care for Kanyon all day. And mother is doing pretty well as well. It was, and will be for a while, difficult to leave the baby at daycare, but we know he is well cared for. Each day at pick-up he smiles at us as we put him in his seat to come home.

He did treat us good one night as he slept through the night from 10 pm-6 am. Too bad it was a one night event as he returned to his previous ways the next two nights. Now we know it can be done and we are looking forward to the nights when this is routine.

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