February 4, 2008

Acts of Obedience

Throughout our lives, we are always striving to fully obey all that our Father has called us to do, and all that He has asked of us. This comes difficult to us sometimes when we know exactly what we have been called to do, but we want to somehow cheapen the calling and do it in our own way.

The story begins in October 2006 when I was called to quit graduate school and find a job to help eliminate all our debts. We both knew then what the Father was calling us to do right then to prepare for where He was calling us in the future. I was to get a job and pay off all our remaining balances from consumer debt to student loans in preparation to return to China as teachers.

We were blessed abundantly by finding a job that more than just pays off the balances, but allowed us to remain involved in the local and international Chinese community. Over the past 11 months, our Father eliminated all of our debts. But His ultimate calling for our service to Him was still unfulfilled.

To be obedient to our Father, we applied again to be teachers in China. We completed applications, personality tests, phone interviews, and references. On October 29, 2007 we received word that we had been accepted to return as teachers in August 2008.

Now, the question of being fully and completely obedient to our Father’s calling for our lives. I tried to make excuses and justify what I am doing now as a perfect fulfillment of what He called us to do in October 2006. I am serving China from Midland, is that not what you called us to do? Can we not stay here where you have placed us? Is this not exactly what you have called us to do? Are we not fully following your call for our lives?

After being conflicted as to what we are called to do for months, we now have the clarity and peace of mind to be fully obedient to His plan. I had tried to only partially obey what He had called me to do, making excuses as to why it is enough, knowing full well that this job now is not what we have been called to do, but that it is a preparation for things to come.

We are going to be fully obedient to His call on our lives and join His plan completely. I am going to quit making excuses and trust Him completely that He knows what is best for our lives and our families’ lives.

He has asked us to return to China as English teachers in August 2008. While this is difficult, we know that His ways are better than our ways and that His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Being completely obedient to our Father is the only place we want to be, no more excuses. We ask for your thoughts as we continue to strive for nothing less than complete obedience. We ask that you consider how our Father would use you to join in His plan for the nations.

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