January 13, 2008

12:2 Times January 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year to each of you and your families. In the Hebrew calendar, the 8th year is a year of new beginnings. We can only imagine the new beginnings and awesome adventures coming our way in 2008. We hope this year brings the same to each of you.

On the Holidays Trail

The holiday season was a busy one for us. We were not at home for much of the break, but we did return home for the holidays.

The adventure started with a pre-Christmas celebration in Eola with the whole family. It was great to be able to introduce Kanyon to all of his great aunts and great uncles, and not to mention a few of his cousins.

The season continued at warp speed for the next weekend. We traveled home to Garden City to spend some time with M’Lynn’s family for Christmas. During that time, we were able to open all the gifts and watch a couple of great movies. But the fun didn’t stop at GC. For Christmas day we packed up our things and drove to San Angelo to visit extended family for the always fun and extremely loud Christmas celebration there. There is something to the sound of everyone talking at once and ten things going on that makes Christmas so special.

We did return home to Midland, but only for two nights before we headed on the Holiday trail again. This time to visit Jeremy’s family in Quitaque. We were not able to see his sister, but did visit with the parents, brother, and others. We even had more gifts to open there.

And finally after spending most of the holidays on the road visiting family and friends, we returned to Midland to celebrate the new year. We must be new parents, because we only made it to 11:30 PM and rang in the new year with a nap between feeding Kanyon.

Motley County Matadors – State Champs

We had to opportunity to attend the Texas 6-man football state championship games in San Angelo on December 15th. It has almost become a tradition to attend the games as we have been to 3 of the last 4 games, only missing the game when we were in China.

This game was special. While it didn’t include our hometown high schools, it included the Motley County Matadors, Jeremy’ dad’s school for the last 18 years. The Matadors started the game out slow, even allowing a touchdown on their first defensive play, but by the end of the game, they were victorious.

The second 6-man state championship game was less of a nail biter and more of the mark of a high school dynasty. The Richland Springs Coyotes won their third title in four years and completed a four year span with only one lost.

I love watching 6-man football and always miss the season when it is over. Next season hopefully brings just as many thrills. For now, I guess I’ll settle for the NFL playoffs.

Meet the Great Grandparents

Kanyon went on a whirlwind tour meeting all of his great grandparents for the first time, and all on the same weekend.

The first stop on the tour takes us the Big Spring, TX where we meet up with Jeremy’s parents and grandmother on there way to the state championship football games in San Angelo. We spent the night in Big Spring and Kanyon was introduced to Libbie, “you can call me Mamo,” for the first time.

We then drove to Eola for the pre-Christmas celebration where he was introduced to Raymond and Connie for the first time. He spent most of the day being held then passed to the next in line. After the day in Eola, we drove the 30 minutes to meet the other great grandparents, Nolan and Virginia. Since we arrived late, most of the “ga-ga”ing was saved until the next morning and lunch.

It was an incredibly fast weekend and a great way to get Kanyon to meet his “greats” at the same time.

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Kelly Efurd Lawson said...

Sounds like a VERY busy season! I'm very impressed with the stamina it must have taken to make this whirlwind tour. We weren't carting around a little baby, and by the time we got done with our holidays, we were wiped. We even left Texas a day earlier than planned because we just couldn't wait to be back in our own beds, away from all of the "busy-ness" of the holidays. We're sad, I know.

Glad you enjoyed your first Christmas as parents!

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