March 20, 2008

Passport Update

In what seems like record time, Kanyon's passport arrived in the mail in only one week. We were all shocked that it actually arrived faster than scheduled. We definitely not complaining! Now we can begin the process of mailing all our documents here and there to get authenticated, approved, stamped, copied, etc. All this is required to return and live in the country. In addition, we are scheduling doctor's appointments to get a physical, blood work, EKG tested, x-rayed, etc. This is also part of the deal when you want to live in another country. We have scheduled the appointments and now ask for favor as we need the original documents from the doctor to mail to the officials approving our permits. Additional still, we need to apply to graduate school (for the TEFL certification), which includes transcripts, a hold on my transcript (thanks to Texas Tech and a required financial aid exit interview), and an application to Wheaton College. It will get done! We did most of this the last time we went to teach. All things that can be lifted up to the Father!

In other news, Kanyon rolled over last night to celebrate his 4 month birthday! We awoke to find him sleeping on his stomach. He seemed peaceful enough. That's until he woke up and realized what he had done! Not happy! It's about the first time he has woken up screaming. Now if he can learn how to get from his stomach to his back he'll be a rolling champ!

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Becca said...

Go Kanyon! What a big boy. Charlie always slept better on his tummy, but it took him a while to not get stuck in that position. It must be tough to be a baby!

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