September 3, 2007

Going Digital

Well not exactly all of us are going digital, this is mostly a project of Jeremy's, not so much M'Lynn. She is brewing a baby you know. After writing several 12:2 times e-news letters, I have posted them online. First at a create your own website page, and now finally (once and for all), on this blog site. The name stays consistent with our other names, making this a little easier to remember.

On the blog, you can find previous copies of the e-newsletter and well as the occasional poll, photos, and slide shows. It will be a great way to also post random comments and thoughts throughout the month that might not make it into the newsletter. We'll let you know about the baby's growth, random acts of fun, and other miscellaneous thoughts throughout the month. I'll try to post something at least once a week. Check back for updates. Also, I plan to upload some videos to allow a peek into our lives both now and from the past.

But for now, enjoy the newest 12:2 Times and the previous issues and posts. ENJOY!

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