September 2, 2007

12:2 Times September 2007

School Days

We returned to Texas Tech in August to help K’Lann move into the dorms. She is attending Tech as a freshman majoring in Interior Design. It was great to be back on campus and to be able to impart some of the things we learned from our time there. So much has changed since we went to school there, but I guess that is to be expected since this will be the fifth year since I graduated.

We helped K’Lann carry all of her things into the room. M’Lynn helped unpack all the boxes and bags to make the place feel more like a home. By the time we left, the dorm room looked ready to be lived in. And K’Lann loved the fact that she had a walk-in closet!

One Busy Weekend

Immediately after we left Lubbock and K’Lann, we drove to spend some time with family in Big Spring. It was our first time to see them since Easter and we enjoyed the visit. We stayed one night, went to fellowship on Sunday, and had Sunday dinner together before we returned to Midland.

First Time for Stitches

While working to open a package, one of those impossible to open without scissors and still difficult to open with scissors plastic packages, I cut my finger pretty good using a box cutter to dig open the package. I quickly covered the cut and drove myself home where I waited for M’Lynn to come home before I headed to see the doctor to get it all sewed up. I didn’t want to go the emergency room, because that’s where really hurt people go and mine was only minor. We found a minor emergency clinic open and I drove myself (and M’Lynn) to the doctor. (I even drove us home after the fact.)

We waited a little bit before the doctor comes in and fixes it all up. I’d say that the doctor was “old school.” He would say “don’t get it wet” and “you don’t need a band-aid, get it some fresh air.” The cut is healing great and I will definitely use scissors the next time I need into a package (or maybe I’ll buy a different product in an easy to open cardboard box).

Marathon Vacation

We took an extended weekend trip to Marathon, TX to stay at the Gage Hotel. Since the rooms have no phone, internet, or TV, we were able to escape and relax.

We spent the mornings leisurely eating breakfast and reading books outside on the nice garden patio. For lunch, and all other meals, we ate at the Cottonwood Station restaurant. It was a converted gas station and one of two places to eat in town. The afternoons were for naps and relaxing by the pool. In the evening we would again eat at Cottonwood Station before walking around the new Gage Gardens. The gardens were huge and really nicely landscaped, not something we would expect to see in the desert. We played a round of putting on the garden putting green before we headed to the hotel to stare at the stars from the front porch rockers. When things would get too quiet, a train we come by and blow its horn at every crossing. We learned to sleep through these and tried to guess each time which was the train was coming.

We really enjoyed the escape and the time away from work and other obligations. We posted some photos from the trip on our photo site, check them out!

Fill Our Think Tank

We would love to hear from each of you individually. It is great to see each of you as we travel to visit family and friends. If you have any specific trials, situations, concerns, and/or joys, please share them with us so that we have lift up your specific need. Simply email, write, or call us with your requests and we will fill our think tank and join with you lifting them up.

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