November 21, 2012

Candyland birthday

Welcome to Candyland, the theme of Kanyon's birthday party.

After staying up all night to finish the cake, we hosted several of Kanyon's friends for his birthday party. I think we had a little too much candy, with gingerbread men, "peppermints" that we actually strawberry flavored, and ice cream cone candies to go along with the huge lollipops and ginormous cake.

Present opening was a bit rough. After each present, Corbin would dive into the picture to "see" each new toy much to Kanyon's displeasure. Kanyon would respond, "He's not teached up." meaning that we still need to teach Corbin a few things about sharing and birthdays.

It seems not too long ago that Kanyon was the little one needing to be taught how to share. He's not so little any more and he's learned how to share, sometimes. We're so thankful for the not-so-little man that Kanyon's grown into over the last five years.

Happy birthday Kanyon!

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