October 28, 2012

Hot chocolate weather

With fall upon us, we find ourselves bundled in sweaters inside sipping hot chocolate (or "cooled-off chocolate" as Corbin would say). Since we are now further south than in Harbin, the radiators are not turned on until November 1. We are cooler inside here than in Harbin, but nothing that a little hot chocolate can't fix.

So besides checking football scores, going to and teaching classes, or drinking hot chocolate, what's been keeping us busy this fall?

Spirit Week
We dressed up daily for Spirit Week at school, much like a homecoming week in the states. The student council themed each day and students and teachers dressed up to show school spirit! Monday: Each grade was assigned a different color (pink for Kanyon and grey for me). Tuesday: Twin day. Wednesday: Movie day (A Bug's Life for Kanyon and M.I.B. for me). Thursday: Non-human day (a butterfly for Kanyon and a big blue "Blue's Clues" dog for me). Friday: Tiger spirit day dressed up in school colors, black and yellow.

After waiting in the rain for 90 minutes, our driver arrived and we celebrated Halloween with a group of expats. The event was in the swankiest neighborhood of the city. Wow, just wow. I've been in China for 6 years and have not seen anything like those Spanish styled villa mansions. The kids had a blast trunk-or-treating down the street.

Just around the corner we'll be celebrating two sandwiched around Thanksgiving. Fun times await!

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jodi said...

miss seeing the boys all dressed up, celebrating their birthdays, and eating a lot of good food and cake with y'all!! tell them i said hi :)

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