August 28, 2012

The quirks and perks of apartment life

All Chinese apartments have their quirks, and ours is no exception. Just to name a few ...

  • Purple dragon tail - greeting us each time we enter
  • Mermaids lanterns and other light fixtures – always a sight in apartments
  • Purple flower slip covers on the couch
  • Greek goddess hall art complete with spotlight
  • Door art on both the bathroom and kids’ room doors
  • Michael Jordan - pencil sketch of the best basketball player of all time
  • Other "art" - throughout the apartment covering things unsightly are framed unsightly art

With these quirks, we could lose sight of the upside. The apartment has plenty of ...

  • All our boxes – in our apartment, up six flights of stairs, waiting for us
  • Flat screen TV – can you say movie night
  • Walk-in shower – bye-bye shoilet
  • No beds in the play room – more room to play
  • Storage galore – a Chinese apartment with closets is unheard of
  • Cold water dispenser – we’ve always had hot water dispenser, but this one also produces ice cold water
  • Hot water in the kitchen – no more totting water from the bathroom
  • Bath tub for the kids – now will they get a bath more often than once a week?
  • Window in the living room – yeah for natural light in the main room
  • Air conditioner – it’s been running pretty much nonstop
  • Roof access – our very own roof top patio with a view of the city skyline and river
Quirks and all, it's become our home, and we love it.

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jodi said...

Haha great post... Y'all have same amazing art work and perks there!!

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