August 25, 2012

Our very own backyard

We have a huge backyard of trees, green grass, flowers, and playgrounds. Well, it's not completely ours, but we claim it and certainly make the most of it.

It's so close too. The park is less then 200 yards from our apartment and is located by the river. Literally miles of green grass and trees to explore and we've only seen a fraction of the park.

What makes this park so great?

1. Green grass - what's not to like about miles of green grass. This is not any grass, this is grass we can use. Walk on it, play soccer or baseball on it, or set up a tent for an outdoor BBQ without the fear of repercussion. We're allowed to use the grass.

2. No cars - they're not allowed to drive through the park useless going to the ultra-expensive seafood restaurant located in the center of the park. The place is so expensive that few cars are ever driving in the park.

3. Walkways - The park has several different walkways from which to choose. The wooded path winds through the trees and grass. The bike path is paved for miles with cycling enthusiasts racing up and down. The boardwalk, located by the river, strolls near the water's edge.

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