July 15, 2012

10 things to remember in America

  1. Drink the tap water. It might not taste good, but it’s at least been filtered and will not make me sick.
  2. Keep my shoes on when I come inside. This rule is bent some on the farm with the addition of a mud room specifically designed for muddy shoes.
  3. I can get more dishes dirty because there’s a dishwasher. Bye-bye hand washing.
  4. Stay in line. It’s not acceptable to move to the front of the line at Walmart even if I only have four items.
  5. Stop lights and other traffic rules are more than guidelines; they’re enforced and costly here.
  6. Don’t have the kids pee on the tree. I must find them a bathroom.
  7. Kids can pet dogs and cats.
  8. People speak English or Spanish but definitely not Chinese.
  9. Chicken bones must remain on my plate. Don’t spit them out onto the table cloth.
  10. Flush the toilet paper. Really. It won’t clog the pipes.


Marilyn_and_Lisa said...

Yep... I had a hard time with #4. Also had trouble getting used to #1 and #10. Oh, and #9! But Canada has some differences from America... #2 and #8 don't really apply.:)

Unknown said...

After almost a month here, Sarah (age 7) still asks me if we flush the toilet paper here--we have traveled up and down the east coast; I guess she thinks it really depends where we are, forgetting it is all America!

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