June 4, 2012

Sun & Mountains

"Let's have an argument." our teammates said as we sat comfortably on the bottom bunk of a soft sleeper train returning home from our team retreat. We've become so close as a team we love to argue about things we are supposed to avoid. That's community. We argue in love challenging each other to think deeply. All the while having fun.

That's what this weekend was all about. We traveled together as a team to Yabuli, China's premiere ski resort. The purpose was simple, to reflect as a team on the amazing things the Father accomplished over the past two years together in Harbin and to get out of the city for fun.

So into the mountains we went using only the internet as a resource and a whole lot of Chinese help from teammates, we found The Villa. Owned by an animated retiree, The Villa is a two story house tucked into the mountains surrounding Yabuli. The Villa felt much like America with its open kitchen, breakfast nook, and covered front porch, but it also had lots of Chinese characteristics like hot water in only one bathroom. It was the perfect place for a team getaway.

Just a few days before, a teammate commented how funny it would feel to be in America together. Especially how strange it would feel to visit each others homes. For a weekend it felt like we did just that. We were in a home together as a team sharing chores, cooking, eating, and sleeping under the same roof.

We had plenty of fun too. We went up the gondola to the top of Sun Mountain and then took the alpine slide down. All 2,600 meters down the mountain. It was amazing! A quiet villa in the mountains for a weekend with the teammates that have become like family. Priceless.

There are plenty of photos from the weekend. Click here to see them all.


Jo said...

I went skiing in Yabalu in 1996. Quite the adventure...I feel a blog post coming on. Thanks for the link to my blog. Jo

Jo said...

Oops...obviously I meant Yabuli!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to read what it was like skiing in 1996. We haven't wanted to brave the sub-zero temps and wind chill that comes with skiing. We get enough of those just walking to class.

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