June 5, 2012

How not to snap a jumping picture

One person jumping, that's an easy photo. But try to snap a photo of 11 people jumping, that's nearly impossible. Here's some advice, the group counts, not the cameraman. Especially when the group is large. This is how the photo is supposed to work, at least ideally.

The group counts together, 1, 2, 3, JUMP!

Then the cameraman snaps the picture following the group's jump. Jumping picture perfection!

Reverse the process and the results are mixed at best. Sometimes it works but most likely the picture will cause you to crawl into a closet to hide or roll on the floor laughing. Since there are no closets in China, we laugh. Especially when we look at ourselves closer and give the pictures captions imaging what we're doing.

PHOTO 1: Dancing

And in front of a train station cathedral. I don't even have these moves if I really tried to dance.

PHOTO 2: Screaming for joy

I imagine these guys have just won the $500 million lottery jackpot.

PHOTO 3: Surf's up!

This family is surfing, or since they're in Yabuli, they must be skiing.

PHOTO 4: Exercise

(L) She just won the Boston Marathon, both excited and exhausted. (R) She must be doing Richard Simmons or something.

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