April 1, 2012

Who is the Chinese traveler?

As we trek to and from Shenyang to get our passports, I sometimes wonder what the general Chinese traveler thinks of our American family traveling in China. One thing for sure, they're astonished that we purchased two tickets for our kids. Most Chinese families would not, opting to hold their kid on their lap (if they even traveled with kids at all).

Other times, we draw quite a lot of attention. Especially to those who can speak English. The general traveler loves to watch our kids on the train. We're observed eating bags of snacks, drinking Sprite, and playing with the many entertainment options we brought for the kids.

We're certainly an oddity as we travel across China, but I believe the reverse is just as odd. Who are the Chinese travelers abroad that we so often see in the line at Disneyland?

CNNGo tries to "Demystify the Chinese Traveler." Here's some of the most interesting parts of this article. Chinese tourists:
are expected to take nearly 80 million international trips, spending US$80 billion in 2012.

account for 8 percent of the total one billion international trips expected to be taken this year.

are not wealthy. In the last year, 23 percent of Europe-bound Chinese travelers earned less than RMB 5,000 (US$793) per month; and 36 percent earn RMB 5,000-10,000 (US$793-US$1,587).

prefer “natural scenery” and “island getaway” as the two most important items.

are annoyed by restaurants that have no idea how to stir-fry -- and dead camera batteries.
Read the complete article from CNNGo here.

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