March 28, 2012

How do you dial a phone number?

I checked my email after returning from class.

Your new passport is ready. You may pick it up at our office by making an appointment online. We have ACS appointments available from 1:30pm to 4:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday. We will be closed for Chinese and American holidays (check holidays online).

I sent M'Lynn a text message. "The passports are ready. Do you want to go tomorrow or wait until April 10?"

No response, so I waited until she got home. We discussed the options, leave tomorrow or wait until after the Chinese holiday, my birthday, and leave April 11.

Thinking April 11 was too long to wait, we decided to go tomorrow and clicked on the link to make our appointment at the Consulate. "March 29 is closed to appointments."

"Huh, it's not a holiday. Why is it closed?" we asked each other.

"Give them a call." I respond to M'Lynn.

"It doesn't work." (In reality, she yelled "I can't dial the stupid number! What is wrong with my phone? Why doesn't this work?")

I calmly came to the rescue. "Let me try. Huh, it still doesn't work. Let me try again, like this."

After three attempts, we figured out the correct order to dial a Chinese land line.

We learned the Consulate had an "in service day on March 29 and was closed for service". Well, what about next week. It is a Chinese holiday and we get three days off from teaching.

"Are you open next week?" she asked.

"Yes, we are open on Tuesday, closed Wednesday, and open Thursday."

Haha! I get a three day holiday and the Consulate workers only get one day. Sweet, I'll go then!

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