March 7, 2012

Four months later ... Snow!

We looked out the window yesterday afternoon in amazement. Huge snow flakes floated to the ground and covered Harbin with the winter's first snow. March 7, 2012! After surviving months of below freezing temperatures, we finally got snow.

I tromped through the snow to my evening class with a smile on my face. I thought, "This is the way it should be. Temperatures hovering around freezing (not -20F), snow on the ground. This is great!"

Everyone enjoyed Harbin's first snow. Our boys went outside and made snow angels and "super hard snowballs that don't break." Snow is exciting! So exciting that a group of students threw snowballs at who entered and exited our apartments. I was no exception and was pelted with three snowballs as I returned from class.

And I almost forgot, Kanyon's favorite, the ice slide. After school he played on the playground covered in snow. There he found the super fast ice slide. He's so excited he insisted that I pick him up today because I don't know how fast it goes. Very fast!

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