January 26, 2012

Can we see the sea creatures now?

So you always wanted to visit Thailand but never had the chance. Well, here's your chance! Follow us around as we share what's been keeping us busy since we arrived in Chiang Mai. It's almost a photo essay, if you can really call it that. The real photo essay is here.

Umbrella Festival
Outside Chiang Mai a small village (really it seems like we were still in Chiang Mai) hosts an umbrella festival. This year was the 29th annual. We saw all kinds of umbrellas, floats, and even a factory where they assemble umbrellas. Quite a colorful outing.

Swimming School
Each afternoon, Kanyon suits up and heads off to the local pool for his class. He's taught by a Thai instructor one-on-one for about 30-40 minutes or until his lips are blue and he's too cold to continue, whichever comes first. He's currently taking small steps overcoming his fear of getting water splashed in his face.

Chiang Mai Zoo
It's really cool. Check it out. So many animals. Kids love the place! At least they loved most of it. Corbin's afraid of the elephants, but Kanyon fed elephants large and small.

Chaing Mai Aquarium
"Can we see the sea creatures now?" Kanyon asked after about 10 minutes walking around the zoo because right in the middle of the zoo is an aquarium. And it's air conditioned which is a big plus for hot afternoons. Here there's plenty of "sea creatures" and an underwater tunnel to see "black tip reef sharks" and other creatures.

Bike rentals
Tired of paying for the rides in Song taos or tuktuks, then it's time for a bike. They even come with kids seats! Remember one detail "STAY TO THE LEFT!!!" In Thailand cars drive on the left (like England). It was fun to experience the freedom of riding around. 24 hours later, we were a little sore and glad to be a back seat driver again.

While there aren't any pictures to prove it, we've met with our supervisor here and with our company's state-side staff to go over all the details.

Upcoming Events
  • Waterfall excursion to see the best of natural Thailand.
  • Leadership Summit - meetings for Team Leaders and other leaders throughout Asia. It's a time of intensive training and organizational vision casting.
  • Annual Thailand Conference - more meetings, training, corporate worship, and other cool things. We look forward to this time every year.
  • Parents and siblings are coming to visit just after the conference! With them we'll visit Thailand and Cambodia. We're so excited.

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