December 17, 2011

Tiger Mother, meet Wolf Dad

Tiger Mom created a parenting controversy when she published her strict methods, but now she seems quite tame when compared to Wolf Dad.

"In China, beating kids is part of their upbringing. It's not violence. It's not against the law." - Xiao Baiyao, Wolf Dad

Wolf Dad beats his kids daily with a feather duster any time they break one of his 1000 rules.

"If it doesn't leave a mark, then it won't make an impact." Xiao says.

He's published a book, Beat Them into Peking University, to explain his techniques, rules, and rationale and the book has become a media sensation. He claims children are like animals who must be trained. Follow his advice and children will succeed and gain admission into prestigious universities. So far, 3 of his 4 children attend Peking University.

Does this prove his unorthodox parenting style is successful?

Students disagree with Wolf Dad. Many disagree strongly. They recognize these types of beatings would be illegal in other countries and they understand that simply attending Peking University is not a true measure of success.

Let's hope students' find true success.

Read more about the debate.

China Daily, "'Wolf dad' stirs debate over 'stick parenting'"

NPR, "And You Thought The Tiger Mother Was Tough"

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